Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Meet SuperDirk--codename: Dewayne--and if that doesn't put fear in the hearts of evil-doers everywhere, I don't know what will. He upholds justice in Paragon city as a hero in the MMOG City of Heroes.

It is my only game, but it is a game designed with me in mind. I still read comics, though infrequently, and began reading them when I was about 4. They are the source of my lifelong frustration in trying to draw--I can't even draw comics--let alone real artistic pencilwork. I tried to become a writer for awhile, but not living in New York City worked against me in that respect. Now I write, compose music (my actual God-given talent), and work with computers.
The great thing about SuperDirk--the only character I play in the game modeled to be an idealized me--is he never gets sick, is powerful, and pretty much a physical ideal I can never hope to reach. This, as you can tell by the blur, is an actual shot of the screen taken with the amazing Keychain Camera (hereafter to be known as the AKCC because I'm officially tired of writing that phrase out, but not tired of the name I've given the AKCC).
Hopefully, since I'm going out tomorrow, I'll have something a little more interesting to offer.


Dancingirl365 said...

It would nice to have a super counterpart! I enjoyed hearing about Super Dirk.

Jess logic said...

I've got an elf counterpart in a game realm myself, it can certainly be fun :)