Sunday, January 14, 2007

A little oops

I sat down to do a posting of my last few days worth of pictures and womp--due to a computer error, erased them all on the camera, before I realized I had transferred them--a shame to because there were some keepers in there, including my the last day of my daughter's visit. This, is the worst aspect of digital photography in action. I will be back today with a shot and an actual posting--I'm quite upset at the AKCC letting me down in this fashion.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Meet SuperDirk--codename: Dewayne--and if that doesn't put fear in the hearts of evil-doers everywhere, I don't know what will. He upholds justice in Paragon city as a hero in the MMOG City of Heroes.

It is my only game, but it is a game designed with me in mind. I still read comics, though infrequently, and began reading them when I was about 4. They are the source of my lifelong frustration in trying to draw--I can't even draw comics--let alone real artistic pencilwork. I tried to become a writer for awhile, but not living in New York City worked against me in that respect. Now I write, compose music (my actual God-given talent), and work with computers.
The great thing about SuperDirk--the only character I play in the game modeled to be an idealized me--is he never gets sick, is powerful, and pretty much a physical ideal I can never hope to reach. This, as you can tell by the blur, is an actual shot of the screen taken with the amazing Keychain Camera (hereafter to be known as the AKCC because I'm officially tired of writing that phrase out, but not tired of the name I've given the AKCC).
Hopefully, since I'm going out tomorrow, I'll have something a little more interesting to offer.

9th on the moring of the 10th

I went to a Neurologist today who threw me back and said go see a Rheumatologist. My GP sent me over for a specific test and not only did he treat me pretty poorly (I have felt like less of a bother hanging out with a dating couple) he didn't bother to do the test. Anyway, it was one of my few days cleaned and dressed up so: Self-portrait--straight up with a good shot of the amazing keychain cameraL

A bonus of Kayleigh in her New York coat--100% Cashmere ("the best six dollars I've ever spent" according to her). She's bringing her car up so her boyfriend/fiance can make a 30 minute drive to class this summer. She was elected to drive me around since I can't actually do that these days. I'm sorry it is slightly blurry, the camera seems much better at close-up work than distance shots. Here she is with the trees of my youth in the background--in the foot of the knobs at my father's house. You can see his UofK truck (a 1967 Chevrolet C10 stepside that he rebuilt).

Well, that gets me to today, let's see if I can find something in my limited day going on up here.

I'll post more later today.

Late for the 8th

Well, I'm catching up 8th and 9th together So, first up the 8th: Slow and difficult day--I spent a good deal of it trying to rest and actually forgot about it until late then went around the house snapping a bunch of pictures. How late?
Perpetual procrastinator late. It is funny as this shot puts me in mind of that old Blondie song 11:59 only in my world it goes, "It's 11:55 and I need some shots for online."
However I w ant to add a picture of my girls that accentuates something I noticed strongly when Kayleigh was first just a little baby: They have a strongly similar profile. You be the judge I've still got two days to do in order to catch up.

Sunday, January 7, 2007

After Epiphany

I've included a second image today, not because I'm an amazing photographer, but because I have amazing tools--the little $10 keychain digital camera that was in my Christmas stocking. You see its reflecton in a golden plastic serving tray, cleaned and ready for storage until next year. The camera is about the size of my palm and all images for this project will be taken with it from now on.

Epiphany is over and with it the Christmas Season. This is a detail of my Penguin Snow Globe in action. It is lovely globe that plays "Talk To The Animals" from the old Rex Harrison "Dr. Dolittle" film. I like this because the little penguin family is carrying on through the snowstorm, bright and determined. In my family we all have totem animals. My totem is Penguin. A Penguin doesn't look like much out of his element, but in his element he is thoroughly amazing. I have placed the globe in my office to remind me of our willingness to forge ahead, as a family, through adversity.

Saturday, January 6, 2007

Daily Dose

Even the holidays can't bring an end to my daily medications. This morning, rather than lay them on a simple table, I had to lay them out on a golden tablecloth. Theoretically, if I were to stop taking them, I'd die, at some point soon. I am at a pretty common age to die prior to the modern medical age. So, thank God for the modern medical age. Now if they can just find out what currently has me knocked on my behind for so many moonths. Only the pain killers seem to help with my daily fight, but rather than mask the problem, I want to conquer it. I want to see my daughter married and my grandchildren. I have much work to do before giving in to some disease. I will take anything that will keep me here and keep me vital--I won't like it but I'll do it. I want to see my children prosper and be happy. I want to be able to be there for them like I have always tried to be.

Salmon at Epiphany

Salmon patties (or Salmon Croquettes) are my contribution to Epipany dinner. It is a tradition my wife celebrates, and I've come to enjoy. It is also the last day of the Christmas season, and despite the secularism surrounding the holiday, I cling to the ancient Christmas tradition.

Salmon Patties:

Two cans deboned Salmon
One can tuna in water
Handful of onions
a Dash of Kosher Salt
A handful of onions
Two tablespoons Lemon Juce
A teaspoon of granulated garlic
One package crushed unsalted Matza Crackers
1-2 eggs as needed to allow cohesion into patties
Combine all ingredients and form into small palm sized patties
deepfry at 375 degrees until golden brown

Though I found it tiring, I enjoyed being able to contribute to our Epiphany feast.