Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Late for the 8th

Well, I'm catching up 8th and 9th together So, first up the 8th: Slow and difficult day--I spent a good deal of it trying to rest and actually forgot about it until late then went around the house snapping a bunch of pictures. How late?
Perpetual procrastinator late. It is funny as this shot puts me in mind of that old Blondie song 11:59 only in my world it goes, "It's 11:55 and I need some shots for online."
However I w ant to add a picture of my girls that accentuates something I noticed strongly when Kayleigh was first just a little baby: They have a strongly similar profile. You be the judge I've still got two days to do in order to catch up.

1 comment:

Janjanboban said...

No, doesn't look like the same profile. I think Kayleigh has your nose!!!