Wednesday, January 10, 2007

9th on the moring of the 10th

I went to a Neurologist today who threw me back and said go see a Rheumatologist. My GP sent me over for a specific test and not only did he treat me pretty poorly (I have felt like less of a bother hanging out with a dating couple) he didn't bother to do the test. Anyway, it was one of my few days cleaned and dressed up so: Self-portrait--straight up with a good shot of the amazing keychain cameraL

A bonus of Kayleigh in her New York coat--100% Cashmere ("the best six dollars I've ever spent" according to her). She's bringing her car up so her boyfriend/fiance can make a 30 minute drive to class this summer. She was elected to drive me around since I can't actually do that these days. I'm sorry it is slightly blurry, the camera seems much better at close-up work than distance shots. Here she is with the trees of my youth in the background--in the foot of the knobs at my father's house. You can see his UofK truck (a 1967 Chevrolet C10 stepside that he rebuilt).

Well, that gets me to today, let's see if I can find something in my limited day going on up here.

I'll post more later today.


paula365 said...

Dirk, I'm sorry your doctor was such a loser. I've had some of those and it's so frustrating to be treated that way. I hope you can get the test done.

So...where in creation did your daughter get a cashmere coat for $6? I thought I was the bargain queen!

TiaDavidandourLittleChickens said...

Dirk, I shoot with a keychain camera too. And yes, it does better with close ups. Also in natural light than inside but it can't be dim. Sometimes the limitations frustrate me but it's forcing me to work more on composition, so that's okay too.

Dancingirl365 said...

Don't you hate the way you're divided up into bits and pieces for medical care? Sorry about your day.

I'd say the coat is worth every bit of the $6 you paid!! What a deal!

I have a keychain camera, too, and need to start using it. What kind is yours?

Dirk365 said...

Dancingirl: I use an innovage camera that came with non-working software and drivers. After some coaxing the internet managed to yield both. Thank you for your thoughts.

Dirk365 said...

Paula365: Thank you for your wishes. My daughter picked up the coat at some huge thrift store outside of Muncie, I believe, while on a job with ZFX at Ball State.