Sunday, January 7, 2007

After Epiphany

I've included a second image today, not because I'm an amazing photographer, but because I have amazing tools--the little $10 keychain digital camera that was in my Christmas stocking. You see its reflecton in a golden plastic serving tray, cleaned and ready for storage until next year. The camera is about the size of my palm and all images for this project will be taken with it from now on.

Epiphany is over and with it the Christmas Season. This is a detail of my Penguin Snow Globe in action. It is lovely globe that plays "Talk To The Animals" from the old Rex Harrison "Dr. Dolittle" film. I like this because the little penguin family is carrying on through the snowstorm, bright and determined. In my family we all have totem animals. My totem is Penguin. A Penguin doesn't look like much out of his element, but in his element he is thoroughly amazing. I have placed the globe in my office to remind me of our willingness to forge ahead, as a family, through adversity.


paula365 said...

I like these. At first glance they are a little confusing, but then the elements begin to emerge. Gotta be a lesson in that, too.

Dancingirl365 said...

I have a keychain camera, too, and still need to use it. I look forward to seeing what you take with it.

I didn't get a chance to comment earlier on your picture of the medicine bottles. Thanks for your transparency. I''m praying for you. Those pills we take to stay alive (I do, too.) can be good things, I think. They remind us that we're not as much in control of our lives as we'd like to think we are.