Saturday, January 6, 2007

Salmon at Epiphany

Salmon patties (or Salmon Croquettes) are my contribution to Epipany dinner. It is a tradition my wife celebrates, and I've come to enjoy. It is also the last day of the Christmas season, and despite the secularism surrounding the holiday, I cling to the ancient Christmas tradition.

Salmon Patties:

Two cans deboned Salmon
One can tuna in water
Handful of onions
a Dash of Kosher Salt
A handful of onions
Two tablespoons Lemon Juce
A teaspoon of granulated garlic
One package crushed unsalted Matza Crackers
1-2 eggs as needed to allow cohesion into patties
Combine all ingredients and form into small palm sized patties
deepfry at 375 degrees until golden brown

Though I found it tiring, I enjoyed being able to contribute to our Epiphany feast.

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